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How To Solve Slow Computer Problems

Slow computer problems of your Windows-based computer happen gradually.  Slow computer problems increase until one day you realize that you must fix the computer or buy a new one. General slow computer problems can be due to applications running very slowly, programs closing or freezing up suddenly, and a generally slower response to operating system commands.  These may all be due to several problems, including out of date service packs, fragmented disk and corrupted registry.

We have listed below 5 ways by which slow computer problems can be solved to improve your computerís performance.  This list is by no means exhaustive but provides you with some idea of what you can do if you have slow computer problems.

Suggested Solution 1: Download and run latest MS Service Pack to see if that will solve the slow computer problems.

There are updates and upgrades from Microsoft from time to time.  To fix a slow computer problems you will need to download the latest updates from Microsoft.   When people have slow computer problems they forget that simply by downloading and installing the latest Service Pack can solve the problem.  Make sure you download it free from Microsoft's Web site and try it.

Suggested Solution 2:  Run the Disk Cleanup utility.  Just by doing this might solve the slow computer problems.

It is very likely that your computer has a number of unused and unnecessary files that take up valuable space on your hard drive that cause computer slow down problems. The suggestion is, run the inbuilt Disk Cleanup utility to remove these unnecessary files.   You can find the Disk Cleanup utility feature by going to: Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup and following the prompts. I hope you are able to fix your slow computer problems by following this suggestion.

Suggested Solution 3: You can also solve slow computer problems by defragmenting your hard drive

Fragmented had drive can cause slow computer problems.  Over time, your computer will store files in an increasingly inefficient manner on your hard drive, affecting file retrieval times and other performance factors. When this is fixed, the slow computer problems may be fixed as well.  This is how to defragment your computer for free:  Go to: Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter.  When you get there, highlight the drive you want to clean up (e.g., C drive) and choose Analyze. Once complete, choose Defragment.

Suggested Solution 4: Run an anti-virus tool: Sometimes this can fix the slow computer problems

Computer viruses are malicious programs that drastically affect your computer's performance and cause slow computer problems, either all at once or over time. You can prevent slow computer problems by stopping a virus attack by installing and running anti-virus software programs.

Suggested solution 5: Clean your registry:  This is a proven method of fixing slow computer problems.

This is the easiest method of fixing slow computer problems. Your computer's registry is a tool that is vitally important to computer operations. It stores settings and options for your hardware, operating system, and other software. A registry corruption causes slow computer problems.

The registry plays an important role in the performance of your computer.  Because of this it is often the target of attack or infection.  The results of all these attacks and errors slow computer problems.  To fix the problems you need to clean the registry with a good registry cleaning software like Regcure.  Recently I run Regcure to help me solve my slow computer problems.  It found 1,800 problems and fixed them all, leaving my computer running again like new.